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The knowledge that the parents whose children get cerebral palsy must know

In recent years, the illness rate of children’s cerebral palsy is increasing. Most parents care that how their children get cerebral palsy and how to cure the disease, if the parents does not know much about children’s cerebral palsy, it is easy to delay the best time for children’s treatment and it may have bad effect on the later treatment. Therefore, the parents should learn more about children’s cerebral palsy to help the children have treatment.

Xiao Yu, 5 years old this year, because of long time to be born, he had jaundice symptom of yellow skin after three days’ birth and the situation lasted more than 10 days to improve. With the growth of Xiao Yu, his parents found that his language, body moving function grew more slowly than the children of the same age. Xiao Yu was able to sit steadily when he was 1 year old and he started to speak and walk on the age of 3. His parents saw the situation and were worried. So they took him to the local Children Hospital to check but no definite illness reason. He had not obvious improvement after a period of treatment, and then they came to GuangDong 999 Brain Hospital with the introduction of their friends on May 3, 2011.

Wang Jian Director of Cerebral Palsy Treatment Center checked Xiao Yu and combined his checking results with his illness history, diagnosed him as cerebral palsy. After ruling out other body diseases, Wang Jian Director gave him a serious of medical treatments, strengthening nourishing brain nerves and promoting his brain development; besides, he gave Xiao Yu some recovery treatments to improve his intelligence with language development and training; Xiao Yu was also given sport treatment, electrotherapy, acupuncture and massage. To these situations that the children drooled and could not speak, Wang Jian Director pointed, if the effect of recovery training was not much good, the parents would consider the operation.

More than 20 days passed, according to Xiao Yu’s parents, the child’s sport function was improved obviously and they would continue to have treatment here.


According to the introduction of Wang Jian Director, cerebral palsy is also called brain palsy and means the comprehensive symptom of non-progressive brain damage occurring before birth to the first month of birth. It mainly shows the center moving disorder and abnormal position, with some disorders like intelligence, vision, hearing, swallowing, language and action, it may affect children’s whole life.

“0 to 6-year-old are the best time for treatment.” Wang Jian Director who has rich clinic experience stresses, “The patient’s age is smaller, the possibility of curing is bigger. The only way to improve the children’s life quality is to have treatment early.”

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