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Little dizzy may indicate serious diseases like brain tumor—an entrepreneur’s nightmare caused by dizzy

Recently, Mr. Liu who is very successful in business and seldom gets a cold has been suffering from the dizzy, he is checked that he gets brain tumor. Fortunately, Lu Ming Director of GuangDong 999 Brain Hospital has had operation to cut off tumor for him. Now, he is in the recovery stage.

He is a successful man and builds up his business from nothing, he makes a successful company depending on his own talent. Myriad business fields and enemies don’t beat him, a week’s dizzy makes him in the nightmare and lets him feel the pain of getting ill.

Mr. Liu, 54-year-old, was too busy with his business to get a cold. A week ago, he had a dizzy without any reasons, his son and son-in-law thought he was too tired in career, so he had a rest at home for a week but didn’t have any improvement, he went to a hospital to check brain CT, the result showed: cerebellum interspace. His whole family didn’t believe the result. Then his son found GuangDong 999 Brain Hospital on the Internet and connected Lu Ming Director of the Fifth Section of the Department of Neurosurgery. After checking on brain MR, Lu Ming Director found his brain textures were pressured obviously and diagnosed him as right lobus temporalis interspace, that is, malignant glioma.

Within complete checking before operation, on May 19, Lu Ming Director carried out the operation that he cut off right lobus temporalis for Mr. Liu. Lu Ming Director dealt with the operation steadily and completed the hard operation successfully. Mr. Liu entered recovery stage smoothly, by being in the hospital to treat, Mr. Liu had not any other diseases to happen and he turned to Radiotherapy Department for further treatment.


Lu Ming Director introduces: the rate of happening of lobus temporalis tumor ranges second in the brain tumor, lower than the lobus frontalis tumor. The common tumor is glioma, then the meningioma, besides, metastases also happens on this part. It more happens on adults and has not obvious difference on gender, it has not obvious clinic showing in early stage. The lubos temporalis fuction is so complicated that some parts of it are still uncertained, the stage of lobus temporalis tumor is early and most have not typical clinic showing, it is hard to diagnose the tumor, especially the tumor is on the right, therefore, the clinics calls it “silent area” or “dumb area”. If you have any slight abnormality in daily life, you should pay attention to and seek for treatment early.

before operation

after operation

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