Successful Case

Fall over to dying

12-month-old Xin Xin has a round face and big eyes, it’s time for her to learn to speak, and she is so lovely that her parents treat her as their treasure.

6 days ago, Xin Xin fell over to hurt her head when she learned to walk at home, her parents didn’t find any abnormality after her crying, so they didn’t take her to the hospital to check.

3 days later, Xin Xin vomited many times, she began to have disturbance of consciousness, her reflection was obtuse and it got worse day by day, with four limbs twitching. The local hospital checked brain CT and found that her left forehead had gore, her pars occipitalis broke. Xin Xin started to get high temperature to 39.2 degree. The rate of twitching became faster, she was given bringing down the fever, stopping blood and dehydration. She had no obvious improvement within 3 days’ treatment.

When she came to GuangDong 999 Brain Hospital, her lung was infected badly, she continued twitching and almost lost her consciousness, her body had little movement and the sound of crying was slight. She was given medicine to control epilepsy but the whole condition was not good.

On the afternoon of April 21, Xin Xin’s blood and oxygen saturation fell down, her heart rate became slower, two pupils were not the same and the reflection to the light disappeared. Xin Xin was dying! She was immediately given vein injection, her breath was slight, she needed to be operated at once, but her family refused to have operation.

Lu Ming Director of the Department of Comprehensive Neurosurgery instructed that the whole department tried their best to save her and continued to give her dehydration, improving brain circulation and fighting against epilepsy.

On April 25, she checked brain CT again, it showed her brain structure turned well, she was given proper treatment to improve brain circulation. After 10 days’ careful treatment, Xin Xin was able to open eyes, her crying and body action recovered. She could eat something liquid.

Now, Xin Xin could tell her family from strangers and recovered normal eating. She needed walking training next.

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