Experts of Epilepsy Center Were Invited to The fourth South China Academic Conference on Epilepsy

11.22-11.23, The fourth South China Academic Conference on Epilepsy was hosted by Guangdong Association Against Epilepsy. Professor Liu Xingzhou, Professor Shen Dinglie, Vice President Zhu Dan, Director Hu Xiangshu and Dierctor Guo qiang of our hospital were invited to the conference.
Many famous experts who are skilled in epilepsy of South China attented the conference and discussed on the lastest treatment progress for epilepsy and special treatment in diffrernt hospitals. Two methods showed treatment characteristics of our hospital,which were SEEG and   Epilepsy Surgery on Epileptogenic Zone, the two methods made the people who attended the conference learn new about our treatment on epilepsy and gave rise to a warm discusstion.
On the conference, Director Guo qiang and Director Hu xiangshu were voted as members of Guangdong Association Against Epilepsy.

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