Brain 400 experts gathered to share experiences Rams results

Neurosurgery, Second Cross-Strait Forum on September 25 will be opened in Guangzhou. By then, about 400 experts gathered in Guangzhou brain and share experiences results.
It is understood that the forum in the last three days, 400 domestic and international expert on brain diseases in various subject areas and so the latest special report. The industry believes that the current cross-strait forum neurosurgery latest medical findings not only focus on promotion, pay more attention to medical issues to explore cutting-edge, clinical practice sharing; not only focus on common hot discussion neurosurgery, specialist pay more attention to the Difficulties. Conference organizer Sanjiu Brain Hospital, Guangdong neurosurgery chief expert Professor Huang Qin said that the majority of this forum will provide a broad medical workers Neurology, a professional communication platform, and will promote the development of neuroscience and to make positive progress contribution. The event participation by the mainland and Taiwan to organize, to promote the vigorous development of cross-strait academic exchanges and friendly but also will have a positive effect.
It is reported that the international and domestic mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and other experts will study the basis of gliomas, the clinical application of nerve endoscope, complex minimally invasive surgery of intracranial aneurysm therapy, stem cell transplantation in the treatment of intracranial recovery of stroke patients Surgical treatment of craniopharyngiomas in children, leading to epilepsy and surgical treatment of a variety of causes, epilepsy surgery, intracranial monitoring location, the molecular treatment of glioma, brain stem glioma treatment, neural prosthetics successes, obstacles , misunderstanding, direction and principles of cell therapy, nerve repair progress, post-traumatic reconstruction of the central nervous system pathway, autologous bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells in treating cerebral palsy and other brain sciences important and difficult issues in-depth discussion and exchange.

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