Neurosurgery, Second Cross-Strait Forum will be opened on September 25

Neurosurgery, Second Cross-Strait Forum on September 25 will be opened in Guangzhou. The forum is organized by Guangdong Provincial Branch of Medical Association of Neurosurgery, China Medical University Hospital (Taiwan), Institute of Brain Science, Jinan University, "Pathophysiology" editorial and "Chinese Journal" editorial co-sponsored, Guangdong Sanjiu Brain Hospital contractors, this is the second in February 2009 successfully held the "First Forum on Cross-Strait of Neurosurgery", the Mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong scholars come together again in another neurosurgical event. Its purpose is to demonstrate the international and domestic neurosurgery new research results, and jointly promote the development of neurosurgery.
The meeting was September 25 to 27 continuous days. ZHOU Liang-Fu Academy as well-known scholar of the President. The Assembly also invited from Australia, the Netherlands, Ireland, Japan and other countries as well as Beijing, Taiwan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing and so on more than 400 scholars.
The forum brought together leading experts in the field of neurosurgery at home and abroad, scholars and front-line work in the field of domestic, MD, both in the number of participants or the Department of Neurosurgery, academic exchanges are an academic event.

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