Psychological and Behavioral Science, "Mid-Autumn celebrate National Day celebration," a perfect ending

The annual Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, in order to bring festive joy she has, sending the warm wishes of all health care workers, psychological behavior of our hospital on September 19 families in the group therapy room at the "welcome area to facilitate the National Garden "activities. The way the game activities, and a large number of gifts presented to patients, real patients brought for the Mid-Autumn Festival gift, so she has spent a happy and warm mid-autumn festival celebration.
I heard there are 19 garden activities, as well as a gift, Psychological and Behavioral Science, she has very happy, many patients come to group therapy room early to wait for the start of activities. "In the ward instead of watching TV, that is to chat with, she has felt a bit stuffy. Heard celebrate mid-autumn festival, to come along for the ride look fun, maybe win a prize could go back!" Chen had been hospitalized a month face filled with smiles on their faces, it seems that he is full of looking forward to this event, come prepared!

Garden event has begun! Host the first arrival of patients and their families to offer a blessing: "Happy Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!" The scene immediately broke into enthusiastic applause, with everyone passing each other's wishes. Subsequently, Zhang Yan, director of psychological and behavioral deficit speech: "To celebrate the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, we are all psychological and behavioral health care for everyone Division carefully prepared the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration garden activities, the purpose of active people in the entertainment to increase our communication and understanding, so can not go home happy, she has also lead a Mid-Autumn Festival. Here I wish the patients in the psychological behavior of subjects and their families at a later date to have a good time for the early recovery, early return home, back to work! "to express their own wishes, Zhang Chi, director of the scene are also invited to offer patients a song with" three hundred sixty-five blessing, "the presence of song teaser moved you, patients and Beat together the families of the name immersed in an atmosphere of joy, the scene suddenly bustling.

Followed by a variety of games officially started, "big bang", "boiled glutinous rice balls," "Qian Kun Da Nuo", "Water Flying" and other games that attract everyone's enthusiastic participation, we enjoy playing with a smile, win lottery win open arms to the music! "I was hospitalized with depression have been here for some time, this time is very tough for me, but after Chi Zhang Yan, director, and takes good care of health care treatment, my depression has been greatly improved and I cheerful than ever before! I am very happy to participate in the event, although I can not return home the festival with his family, but now I feel like living in a big family, here are amiable doctor, a lovely nurses, but also There like brothers and sisters, she has, I will always remember this moment! "Vonnie holding hands full of tickets, said to us happy. "Yes ah! This event to get my daughter to know more patient and I believe she will have more fun here! We also hope that we can soon! Perfectly healthy life!" Accompany Vonnie came to the Garden The Vonnie mother told us.

Finally, in our garden activities ended in laughter, watching them have a rewarding experience, his face wearing a smile with satisfaction, psychological behavior of subjects was very pleased with the doctors and nurses!


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