Lu Ming

Graduated from Anhui Medical University, taught by Professor Fu Xianming and Professor Wang Yehan (famous experts of neurosurgery). Long been engaged in the clinical treatment and scientific research of neurosurgery. With solid theorectical basis and rich clinical experience. Specializing in the clinical diagnosis and treatment of intracranial tumors. Devoted to the study of microneurosurgery for more than 20 years. Succeeded thousands of complicated and routine neurosurgical operations. With high accomplishment in the surgical treatment of the tumors in the central nervous system (especially such tumors of base of skull as pituitary adenoma and acoustic neuroma),severe craniocerebral injury, aneurism. cerebrovascular malformation, trigeminal neuralgia and facial spasm with rich experience;good at applying the neurosurgerical minimally invasive skill in " Ventriculoscope -assisted Microsurgery through Endonasal Transsphenoidal Approach for Pituitary Adenomas”, “Supraorbital and Infero Frontal Keyhole Approach for Excision of the Sellae Region Tumors”, “Lateral Point Approach for Excision of the Craniopharyngioma”, “Modified Infratemporal Fossa or Transpetrosal-presigmoid Approach to Petroclivus Lesions”, “Poppen Approach for Removal of Pineal Tumors”, “The Treatment of Acoustic Neuroma with Microsurgery by Retrosigmoid Approach (preserving facial nerve and acoustic nerve)”, “Postmastoid Approach for Removal of Jugular Foramen Tumor”, “Removal of Tumor in Region of Forman Magnum Via Far Infrared Lateral Approach” and “Removal of Brainstem Tumors”. Affirmed by the trade brothers and praised by the patients and their families. Participate in the completion of many natural science fund projects of the Anhui Province, mainly including The Transplantation of Neural Stem Cell for the Treatment of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy in Tats. Published dozens of papers.

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