Zhu Dan

Engaged in neurosurgery for more than 20 years with rich clinical experience in all fields of neurosurgery. Taught by Professor Li Ling and Professor Tan Qifu (famous experts of epileptic surgery in China)in recent years and focused on the surgical treatment of obstinate epilepsy. Be the first in China to adopt MEG localization in the treatment of obstinate epilepsy, to improve the surgical approaches of the mesiotemporal lobe epilepsy, to adopt the functional navigation surgery by integrating MEG and neuronavigation and to adopt the minimally invasive epileptic surgery by key-hole approach, etc. Acted as operator to complete about 700 various epileptic operations with the number of operations and curative effects up to the advanced domestic level. Completed 1 provincial topic, published 3 monographs and published over 10 papers on core medical journals.

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