Zhu Dan
Engaged in neurosurgery for more than 20 years with rich clinical experience in all fields of neurosurgery. Taught by Professor Li Ling and Professor Tan Qifu (famous experts of epileptic surgery in China)in recent years and focused on the surgical treatment of obstinate epilepsy. Be the first in Ch...
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Cai Linbo
Engaged in clinical radiotherapy for more than ten years. With rich experience in routine radiotherapy and x-knife therapy for a variety of intracranial tumors and cerebrovascular malformations. Succeeded in the x-knife therapy for about 1000 patients and completed over 3000 routine external radiati...
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Wang Zhanhang
Director of the second nerve internal medicine Guangdong 39 brain Hospital . chief physician , master of medicine.Associate professor,Traditional chinese medicine university of guangzhou.Vice Chairman of Guangdong Psychology clinical professional committee, Guangdong medical association of neu...
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Lu Ming
Graduated from Anhui Medical University, taught by Professor Fu Xianming and Professor Wang Yehan (famous experts of neurosurgery). Long been engaged in the clinical treatment and scientific research of neurosurgery. With solid theorectical basis and rich clinical experience. Specializing in the cli...
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Lin Tao
Graduated from the Guangzhou Medical College of Clinical Department of Neurosurgery after graduation for 10 years, countless years of treatment in critically ill patients dying of intracranial tumor, head injury, intracranial vascular disease, a variety of neurosurgical diseases has rich experience ...
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Li Hua
2003, she graduated from Zhongshan University, and obtained master's degree in Neurology, Epilepsy Association of China, now the center of our hospital epilepsy clinic director of pediatric neurology. Department of Neurology after graduation has been engaged in the w...
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Wang Demin
Incumbentthe Guangdong Province Specialized Committee Clinical Psychological Association Vice Chairman,Guangdong Physician Association psychiatric Professional Committee, member of the Standing Committee. Preventive medicine association of guangdong province psychiatric professional committee ...
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Zhang Liang
Chief Physician, Department of Neurosurgery, MD. China Society for Neuroscience members of neural injury and repair branch of the Guangdong branch of Neurosurgery, Medical Association, member of Guangdong Provincial Branch of Neurosurgery, Medical Association, member of Guangzhou branch of members o...
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Wu Jie
Graduate of Neurosurgery, China Medical University graduate, worked in the General Hospital of Shenyang Military Region of Neurosurgery, Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University and neurosurgery training and learning. Branch of Chinese Medical Association of Neurosurgery, Epilepsy Association...
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Wu Taihua
Chief physician of neurosurgery in the Guangdong 999 Brain Hospital. Graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree. Engaged in neurosurgery for 21 years before studying in the class of post-graduates in the School of Medicine of the Zhejiang University majoring in the neurosurgery and in the class...
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Guo Qiang
Deputydirectorofepilepsysurgery.Member of China Association Against Epilepsy and Guangdong Association Against Epilepsy.HegraduatedfromTongjiMedicalCollege,HuazhongUniversityofScienceandTechnology,C...
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Wang Jian
Graduated from of Norman Bethune University of Medical Science majoring in medical treatment. Long been engaged in surgery in the military and local third grade first class hospitals with a good surgical basis as well as rich clinical experience and high academic level in the diagnosis and treatment...
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Lv Jianhui
She graduated from Jiangxi Medical College Department of clinical medicine in 1982. And she engaged in the nerve internal medicine department clinically to work for 33 years. She has done a lot of work in clinical neurology, geriatric Neurology , teaching and scientific research, Mainly excels...
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Liao Huayin
Long been engaged in the medical treatment, teaching and scientific research in the clinical front line after graduating from the Chongqing Medical University. With solid theoretical basis and rich clinical experience. Good at the diagnosis and treatment of cerebrovascular disease, headache, neuralg...
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Zuo Xiaoping
Associate Chief Physician, the Standing Committee of Guangzhou Municipal Association of Women Doctors, the first national high meridian meridian hypnotist and the hypnotist (teacher) professional qualification, "public health emergency, Guangzhou City, the emergency committee" members of t...
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Hao Xinmin
Engaged in the clinical treatment, teaching and scientific research of psychiatry and psychology for 37 years. Former department head of the Changchun Psychological Hospital, former member of the Expert Team of Judicial Identification of Mental Diseases under the Jilin Provincial Bureau of Justice a...
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Zeng Zhaolong
Graduated from the Hunan University of Chinese Medicine in 1985 majoring in medical treatment. Graduated from the Graduate Institute of the Southern Medical University in 1994. Assigned to the TCM Department of the Zhujiang Hospital after graduation, engaged in the clinical work of the integrated tr...
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Zuo Dexian
Professor of neurosurgery, he is member of Guangdong Neurosurgery Physician Association and Guangzhou Neurosurgery Association of Zhonghua Medical Assiciation.He has been working on neurosurgery for more than 30 years and worked in Neurosurgery Department of Guangzhou Military Hospital for more than...
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Wang Wensheng
Associate chief physician, Master of Medicine, director of diagnostic imaging centers, academic leaders. Graduated from Anhui Medical University, Department of Medicine, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science postgraduate, long engaged in MRI diagnostic wo...
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Feng Yigang
Graduated from the Guangzhou Medical College in 1988. Who went to the University of California, MEG technology in 2001, China's first MEG Brain Hospital, Guangdong Sanjiu installation, MEG is mainly responsible for the diagnosis and preoperative evaluation of epilepsy. Worked in Beijing Tiantan ...
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