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     Guangdong 999 Brain Hospital, a modern large-scale brain medical institution wholly funded by the SASAC, is affiliated to “China Resources Group” and “China Resources Sanjiu Medical & Pharmaceutical Corporation” directly under the SASAC.
      With the approval of the Ministry of Health, the hospital was established in 1994 with 500 licensed beds. According to the written reply of the Health Department of Guangdong Province, the hospital is equivalent to “Tertiary Grade A Hospital” in respect of size and construction level. Many famous experts and scholars in neurology and neurosurgery provide great care and support for our hospital, including Wu Ruoqiu, Li Ling, Tan Qifu, Xu Jianping, Tang Gangkui, Yin Puan, Wang Xiangchang etc, who have been directly involved in the clinical and research work in the different development periods of our hospital. Professor Shen Dinglie, famous expert in epilepsy, Professor Tian Xinliang, expert in neurology and Professors Huang Qin and Cheng Liangzheng, expert in neurosurgery, as the chief experts in neurology and neurosurgery in our hospital, take the lead in and preside over the construction of related subjects all year around. Wu Jieping, Vice Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee and Chen Minzhang, the former Minister of Health, inscribed “Climb the Peak of Medical Sciences Bravely, Improve the Diagnostic and Therapeutic Level Continuously” and “Develop the Advantages in Specialized Subjects, Strive to Create Top-notch Technology” respectively for our hospital to praise and encourage the achievements made by us.
        At present, the hospital has more than 30 clinical and functional examination departments and offices. It is possessed of the first MEG brain function and location detector at home produced by the U.S. worth RMB 25 million, 36 video EEG monitoring systems of ultra-large arrays, 1.5T functional magnetic resonance apparatus and full-body CT scanner manufactured by Philips Corporation, the U.S. fifth-generation X knife, Varian linear accelerators and radiotherapeutic system, precision conformal intensity modulated radiation therapy system, large DSA, U.S. GE chromoscope ultrasonic diagnostic equipmentes, surgical navigation system, anesthesia machines, ventilators and monitors produced by Germany, multiple imported operation microscopes and the U.S. new contact-type semiconductor laser knives. It also owns the domestic most advanced operating room environment and supporting facilities as well as domestic advanced intensive care unit in respect of technical conditions. The equipment, worth over RMB 200 million, create good conditions for the hospital to carrying out high-level specialized diagnosis and treatment.
     The hospital has many influential characteristic departments and offices in China, such as tumor neurosurgery center, pediatric neurosurgery center, stereotactic and functional neurosurgery department, epilepsy research institute, vascular neurosurgery center, cancer radio-chemotherapy center, cerebral palsy center, pituitary adenoma center, craniocerebral trauma center, spinal disease treatment center, department of neurology, department of neurological rehabilitation, department of psychological and behavioral medicine and neuroelectrophysiology center (including MEG, Video EEG room, etc), which have done a lot of fruitful work and won recognition from domestic and foreign colleagues and patients in respect of surgery-featured complex treatment for epilepsy, surgical therapy of pituitary adenoma, surgical therapy and radiotherapy (including X knife) of various giant brain tumors, precision conformal intensity modulated radiation therapy, brain trauma surgery and rehabilitation, complex treatment and rehabilitation of various cerebrovascular diseases and cerebral palsy, vegetative state recovery (awakening), etc.

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